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  • Requirements For The Production Of Water Slides
    • 2019-12-23

    Water slide is an indispensable water amusement project for water parks. Generally, manufacturers of water park facilities usually use FRP to make water slides, and the production of water slides must...

  • What are the forms of water parks
    • 2019-11-05

    Water park classification we can be classified according to form and consumption pattern, according to the two ways of classification what are there. Classified by form: 1. Outdoor water park Most of ...

  • Fun of spiral slide in water park
    • 2019-05-06

    Fun of spiral slide in water park Summer is like a naughty child's face, moody, continue the high temperature, not a word, also too late, with an umbrella suntan, rain, not prepared, a little sad, but...

  • Let's play in water park all day
    • 2019-05-06

    Let's play in water park all day You had a good time after a trip to water park equipment that forgetting ou were tired and hungry.  The next day, you will feel refreshed. You have bett...

  • Children indoor constant temperature water park
    • 2019-04-18

    Children indoor constant temperature water park Children's constant temperature water park is made up of various shapes water houses, slides and various novel and lifelike cartoon water spraying facil...

  • Shanghai project -Oceanstar
    • 2019-04-17

    INTERCONTINENTAL SHANGHAI WONDERLAND Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, with its grandeur, is a bold architectural work that is cleverly built on the sidewall of a quarry that has been abandoned fo...

  • Barrel and sled slides,classical double slide
    • 2019-04-03

    Barrel and sled slides Barrel sled slides is a kind of classical double slide combination with the features of low cost, small area, and unique experience. When you goes into the barrel slides, it's a...

  • Boomerango Water Slide
    • 2019-04-03

    Boomerango One of the extreme slides, is specially designed for guests to experience the rush of different sliding paths. Riders will first experience a steeo drop and then are propelled uphill. They ...

  • High speed Rainbow competition slide
    • 2019-03-26

    High speed slide To give a feeling of maximum vertical drop tp the riders, these rides tend to be straight forwards drop from start to end. With out speed slide riders can experience the highest ride ...

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